Police to investigate smart meter ‘sabotage’

«It would take at least six months for any of the sensors to work and the public to know if there had been any tampering,» said Dan Kowalski, the director of a Bay Area advocacy group called Public우리 카지노 Citizen.

«People who live where this is going on — especially in our neighborhoods — I would never want to be in their neighborhood,» he said.

California regulators began working on the idea that was part of a statewide agreement reached in 2011 to stop public utilities from installing the meters, known as smart meters, when their use was capped at 100 percent. In 2013, the state Legislature approved $3 billion in new money for the program, which allows people to use the data from more than 3,000 meters when paying their bills.

More about Berkeley water meter:

Kleem has not been in contact wiCDC 철도청 카지노th the city and the city manager, but he wrote to say he is concerned about the privacy breach.

«We are extremely concerned about this privacy breach that might give rise to information on the location of the meter-reader or the use of the meter,» said Klemmitz. «There may be other documents that we don’t see.»

The company did not respond to an interview request.

The city of Berkeley is among a host of California cities that have already announced plans to install smart meters. Officials said the smart meters will help save water by reducing the number of hot water taps and showers by switching customers to hot water or ice from a tap.

The smart meters have been installed in California since 1996 and have saved roughly $3 billion through energy efficiency improvements and reduced the호 게임 need to install more water heaters, according to the National Resources Defense Council.